Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't want to keep your order after you receive it, you can choose to refuse the package from the courier or you can return the package to us. In accordance with consumer and user protection regulations: after purchase, the customer has 14 days to exercise his or her right of withdrawal from receipt of the product. Any return shipping costs are for your account. Returned items must be in the original packaging and unused. Once we have received your package at our warehouse, we will refund you the amount of the order minus shipping costs. We cannot refund items that are used, incomplete, ruined, damaged or dirty.

We try to process your return as quickly as possible. We will transfer the full purchase amount (excluding shipping costs) to you within 14 days after cancellation.

You can pay via your bank with iDeal or Mastercard. It is also possible to pay via PayPal.

An important difference is that gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish. It is also more solid and does not damage with scratches or pieces that break off. This is due to the gel added to this nail polish. Another difference is that you have to use a UV/LED lamp for gel polish. With the help of such a lamp, each layer of gel polish is well cured, so that it stays in place better.

Gel polish lasts up to 2 weeks, where regular nail polish often starts to peel off after 2-3 days. So it saves you a lot of time and effort by choosing gel polish. And of course it immediately looks well-groomed!

- For national orders (The Netherlands): for all orders above €25 shipping is FREE. For orders of €25 and less, we charge a flat rate for shipping of €4.50.

- For international orders (EU countries): for all orders above €149, shipping is FREE. For orders of €149 and less we charge a flat rate for shipment of €10 to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

For orders of €149 and less we charge a flat rate for shipping of €15 to the rest of the EU countries.

If your package is extremely delayed (as can happen sometimes with international shipments), you may contact us if you prefer a refund on your order. We can provide refunds on the product cost + the shipping cost, if the package can be returned to us and/or the delay of the shipping is due to our fault or the fault of our shipping agent. However, we cannot provide full refunds if the package is still on its way to your address, or if the package is undeliverable due to the mailing address being submitted incorrectly to us. In these cases, the shipping fee may not be refunded to you. Please check your address details carefully when submitting your order. Refunds related to shipping delays will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Our Laq d’Or gel polish does not damage the nails when it is used in a proper way. However, a problem could occur when no proper preparation (too much filing of the nail surface) or an improper removal is done (picking and peeling the gel off). Please make sure to read our How to apply and How to remove pages on the website.

No, it is not difficult to apply gel polish to your nails. Have you ever painted your nails with nail polish, then little will change. If you have trouble painting one of both hands with the other one? Or do you have a shaky hand? Make sure that your arm is well supported and that you sit in a comfortable position. Also make sure that you use enough (day) light, so you can easily see how you are doing.

Hint: ‘Flash cure’ your gel polish. To avoid running of the gel polish color in the cuticle area, flash cure each nail 10 seconds after application and proceed with the next nail. After 4 nails, cure all nails for 60 seconds. Make sure to always cure the thumbs separately and position them correctly into the lamp. Note: This is only possible with the gel polish, not with the base and top coat.

Should you receive a defective product, please provide us with photos and videos of the problem and we will be happy to replace this for you (at our expense). Please contact us at info@laqdor.com directly if you encounter this and we will be happy to assist you!

Our UV/LED lamp is very easy to use and made for everyone who wants a salon-level, professional manicure at home. However, we can imagine that you can use some extra information for your first time using the lamp. Here are some handy tips:

  • Gel polish is a bit thicker than normal nail polish. Therefore, it needs to be applied in very thin layers. If you apply it too thick, it can feel like it becomes to hot in the lamp. If this happens, remove the gel and again apply a very thin layer of coat. Sidenote: it is okay if the lamp feels warm on your nails, but it should not feel like it is burning.
  • When using the UV/LED lamp at home for the first time, it is recommended to cure your nails a couple of seconds longer. Since sometimes first-users tend to paint a bit of a thick layer, the nails will be dried better when you use the lamp a few seconds more.