Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks Gel polish application

Tips & tricks

  • For best results, apply in thin precise layers.
  • Always ‘cap off’ the free edge of the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip.

‘Cap off’ your nails – this means applying base coat at the tip of your nails. It ‘locks’ down the polish and prevents your manicure from peeling. This step applies for every coat: from the base coat to the colours and even the top coat.

  • If necessary, use the rosewood manicure stick to clean cuticle area before curing.
  • To avoid running of the Gel Polish Color in in the cuticle area, flash cure each nail 10 seconds after application and proceed with the next nail. After 4 nails, cure all nails for 60 seconds.
  • Always cure the thumbs separate and make sure they are positioned correct into the lamp.