How to remove

How to remove gel polish

When the removal procedure is performed correctly there should not be any damage to the natural nails.

Watch the Step-by-Step removal video

  • Gently buff the shine off the surface of the gel polish with the file 100/180. Removal of the shiny surface will allow Move Over! Remover fluid to penetrate the gel and to soak up the layers.
  • Apply Move Over! Remover fluid onto the cellulose square of the Remover Wrap foil, place the square onto the nail and wrap the foil tightly around the finger. Repeat for all nails. Allow to soak for 10-15 minutes depending on numbers of gel layers. Keeping your hands warm during soak-off will fasten the process.
  • Remove the wraps, one finger at the time. Gently scrape off dissolved gel from the surface of the nail with the rosewood manicure stick, being careful not to damage the natural nail.
  • Repeat steps until gel is completely removed.
  • Gently buff the residual gel off the natural nail with the buffer file.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to scrape, file off or peel off the gel polish without soaking it first as it will damage the natural nail.

TIP: Apply Spoiled Cuticle oil on the area around the nails before removing gel polish will protect your skin.