About us

About us

Over 27 years of experience and knowhow is all incorporated in the development of LAQ D’OR
LAQ D’OR is the latest brand of CNC international. CNC International is the leading manufacturer of UV Gel and Gel Polish for the professional nail industry. We develop and produce a wide range of nail products for numerous brands worldwide – strictly confidential. CNC has been established in 1993 and is based in the Netherlands, Europe.

Laq d’ Or is your luxury 20-minute-manicure at home.
Gel polish. Professional quality, budget-friendly and beginner proof!

Do it yourself, its easy. No waiting time at the salon, polish your nails any time it suits you. Save time and money! Amazing ultra glossy polished nails for up to 2 weeks, without chipping, damages or scratches. 20-minute-manicure: simply apply like regular polish, cure with UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds and you are ready to go!

Save money, gain me-time Gel polish is a trend which is here to stay. But heading for salon appointments does not always fit into a busy schedule (or comply with quarantine restrictions) and can be a hefty burden on your wallet. No matter what your job or daily routine is, our DIY gel polish manicure is a great way to relax and spend quality time for yourself.

Treat yourself. Feel special, elegant and conquer the world!
Go out in style, wear those bold sunglasses, own that perfect glitter dress; as long as your nails are on fleek, the world is yours!
It’s true that if you look good, you feel good. Self-care can surprisingly affect your perspective on your self-worth. Look down and see ten fingers, perfectly polished. When you feel beautiful, you think positively, act more poised and radiate good energy. Not just a day, Laq d’Or will let you enjoy your perfect nails up to two weeks.

Why Laq d’Or?

  • In 20 minutes you are ready to party
  • Enjoy perfect nails up to two weeks
  • Luxury at home gel polish brand
  • Professional quality
  • “15 free”
  • Budget-friendly
  • Beginner proof
  • Save money, gain me-time
  • Seriously easy
  • Whenever, wherever
  • On trend!