Is it difficult to apply gel polish?

No, it is not difficult to apply gel polish to your nails. Have you ever painted your nails with nail polish, then little will change. If you have trouble painting one of both hands with the other one? Or do you have a shaky hand? Make sure that your arm is well supported and that you sit in a comfortable position. Also make sure that you use enough (day) light, so you can easily see how you are doing.

Hint: ‘Flash cure’ your gel polish. To avoid running of the gel polish color in the cuticle area, flash cure each nail 10 seconds after application and proceed with the next nail. After 4 nails, cure all nails for 60 seconds. Make sure to always cure the thumbs separately and position them correctly into the lamp. Note: This is only possible with the gel polish, not with the base and top coat.