I have never used an UV/LED light at home before. What should I pay attention to?

Our UV/LED lamp is very easy to use and made for everyone who wants a salon-level, professional manicure at home. However, we can imagine that you can use some extra information for your first time using the lamp. Here are some handy tips:

  • Gel polish is a bit thicker than normal nail polish. Therefore, it needs to be applied in very thin layers. If you apply it too thick, it can feel like it becomes to hot in the lamp. If this happens, remove the gel and again apply a very thin layer of coat. Sidenote: it is okay if the lamp feels warm on your nails, but it should not feel like it is burning.
  • When using the UV/LED lamp at home for the first time, it is recommended to cure your nails a couple of seconds longer. Since sometimes first-users tend to paint a bit of a thick layer, the nails will be dried better when you use the lamp a few seconds more.